Celebrating the holiday season with blockbuster games, new hardware products, and more PS5 console inventory than ever before

Get ready for an incredible holiday season with PlayStation! We have more PS5 console inventory than ever before, exciting new hardware products, and a lineup of amazing games on the horizon. Celebrate in style and join our global PS5 community!

World of Warcraft Extends Maintenance and Pushes Back Opening of Guardians of the Dream

World of Warcraft’s highly anticipated patch, Guardians of the Dream, faces a delay due to extended maintenance. The update promises new zones, quests, events, gear, and more. Blizzard is committed to a successful launch. Stay tuned for the new estimated launch time and updates.

Immerse Yourself in the Gorgeous World of Little Goody Two Shoes

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous world of Little Goody Two Shoes, a captivating game that blends genres. With sapphic love, fairy tale elements, and hints of horror, this game offers a unique and compelling experience. Explore the stunning visuals, complete tasks for villagers, and navigate puzzling challenges during the Witching Hour. With ten different endings and smooth performance on Nintendo Switch, this game promises hours of immersive gameplay. A must-try for gaming enthusiasts!