Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta (2311.240104-1615)

This article, titled “Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta (2311.240104-1615),” provides an overview of the latest Xbox Update Preview for the Beta ring. While the noticeable changes to the user interface may be minimal, this update emphasizes background improvements that aim to enhance the quality and stability of Xbox consoles. The article highlights the system update details, including the OS version and availability timeline. Additionally, it mentions the fixes that have been implemented for issues related to capture and share, games, and the system itself. The article acknowledges the known issues surrounding audio and networking and encourages users to report any problems they encounter. It concludes by expressing gratitude towards the Xbox Insider community and inviting readers to follow the Xbox Insider Program for future updates.

System Update Details

OS Version: XB_FLT_2311ZN\25398.2922.240104-1615

Available: 2 p.m. PT – January 8, 2024

Mandatory: 3 a.m. PT – January 9, 2024

The latest system update for Xbox consoles, marked with the OS Version XB_FLT_2311ZN\25398.2922.240104-1615, will be available for installation starting at 2 p.m. PT on January 8, 2024. It is important to note that this system update is mandatory and must be installed on all Xbox consoles by 3 a.m. PT on January 9, 2024.

Fixes Implemented

The Xbox engineering team has been hard at work to ensure a quality and stable build for Xbox consoles. In this update, several fixes have been implemented to enhance the overall user experience. The following are the fixes included in this build:

Capture & Share

An issue has been fixed where capturing screenshots or game clips immediately after launching a title could prevent subsequent captures from completing as expected until the console was restarted. This fix ensures that users can seamlessly capture their favorite moments without any interruptions.


Additional fixes have been implemented to address unexpected loss of saved game progress in various titles. This update ensures that game progress is saved accurately, allowing players to continue their gaming sessions without any setbacks.


Various stability and performance fixes have been implemented to enhance the overall system performance. These improvements aim to provide a smoother and more reliable gaming experience for Xbox users.

Known Issues

While the Xbox engineering team has been working diligently to address various issues, a few known issues still exist in this release. It is important to be aware of these issues and follow the recommended steps to minimize any disruptions to your gaming experience. The following are the known issues in this update:

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Users may experience intermittent issues with audio across the dashboard, games, and apps. To mitigate this issue, it is recommended to ensure that you have the latest firmware updates for your TV and other audio equipment. If the issue persists, please submit feedback via Report a Problem with the relevant details, including when the issue started, the extent of the audio loss, any attempted troubleshooting steps, and your setup information.


Some users may encounter issues where the console may not connect to their network as expected on boot. If you experience this issue, it is advised to wait for a minute to allow the connection to establish. If the console still doesn’t connect, you can restart your Xbox from the Power Center or the guide. Further details on how to restart or power cycle your Xbox console can be found here.

It is crucial for users to report any problems they encounter by using the “Report a problem” feature. Although the team may not be able to respond to every individual, the data gathered from these reports is instrumental in identifying and resolving issues.

Report a Problem

Reporting problems and issues encountered on Xbox consoles is essential for continuous improvement. By reporting problems, you contribute to the overall development of the Xbox platform and help create a better user experience for everyone. It is highly encouraged to report any issues you encounter using the “Report a problem” feature on your console. When reporting a problem, provide as much detailed information as possible, including the specific issue, steps to reproduce, and any relevant screenshots or error codes.

Community SubReddit Support

The Xbox Insider subreddit is an essential resource for Xbox Insiders to seek support and engage with the community. This subreddit serves as a hub for discussions, troubleshooting, and assistance related to the Xbox Insider Program. The subreddit is moderated by official Xbox staff and experienced users, ensuring a friendly and community-driven environment for assistance.

When seeking support on the subreddit, it is recommended to browse through recent posts to check if your issue has already been addressed. If the issue has already been posted, it is best to add to the existing thread rather than creating a new one. This helps consolidate information and allows the community to provide more accurate support. Before posting on the subreddit, it is also advisable to use the “Report a problem” feature on your console to ensure that the issue is documented.

Posting Behavioral Guide

To ensure a cohesive and organized discussion on the Xbox Insider subreddit, it is important to follow certain posting behaviors. By adhering to these guidelines, you can maximize the effectiveness of the subreddit and receive the best possible support. The following are some recommended posting behaviors:

Looking through most recent posts before posting

Before creating a new post, it is crucial to browse through the most recent posts on the subreddit. This helps prevent duplicate threads and ensures that all relevant information is consolidated into existing discussions. By checking recent posts, you can determine if your issue has already been addressed and potentially find a solution without creating a new thread.

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Adding to threads with the same issue before posting a new one

If you encounter an issue that has already been discussed on the subreddit, it is best to add to the existing thread rather than creating a new one. This helps avoid clutter and facilitates efficient communication. By contributing to existing threads, you can provide additional information or ask specific questions, increasing the chances of receiving prompt and accurate support.

Appreciation for Xbox Insiders

Xbox Insiders play a significant role in shaping the future of Xbox consoles and the gaming experience as a whole. The feedback and insights provided by the Xbox Insider community are invaluable in identifying bugs, improving performance, and enhancing user satisfaction. The dedication and commitment of Xbox Insiders are fundamental in creating a better gaming platform for all users.

Role of Xbox Insider Community in Troubleshooting

The Xbox Insider community plays a crucial role in troubleshooting issues and providing support to fellow community members. By sharing experiences, tips, and solutions, Xbox Insiders can help each other navigate and resolve various problems. The collective knowledge and expertise within the community foster a collaborative and supportive environment.

Follow Xbox Insider Program on Twitter

To stay updated on the latest developments, information, and announcements from the Xbox Insider Program, it is highly recommended to follow the program on Twitter. The Xbox Insider Program Twitter account provides regular updates, insights, and notifications regarding upcoming releases, known issues, and other important information. By following the Xbox Insider Program on Twitter, you can stay informed and make the most of your participation in the program.

Importance of Following Xbox Insider Program on Twitter

Following the Xbox Insider Program on Twitter is crucial for staying updated on the latest news and releases. The program provides timely information through Twitter, including announcements, updates, and alerts. By actively following the program on Twitter, you can ensure that you are well-informed about any new developments or changes that may impact your Xbox experience.

Updates and Information by Xbox Insider Program on Twitter

The Xbox Insider Program regularly shares updates and information on Twitter to keep participants informed and engaged. The program’s Twitter account provides frequent posts regarding upcoming releases, known issues, and any necessary actions or updates required from users. By following the Xbox Insider Program on Twitter, you will have access to important news and information, ensuring that you are up to date with the latest releases and improvements.

Release Notes Updates

Keeping an eye on future Xbox Insider Release Notes is essential for staying informed about upcoming changes and updates to the Xbox system. The Release Notes provide detailed information about the changes, improvements, and fixes included in each update. By reviewing the Release Notes, users can anticipate any potential impacts on their gaming experience and take necessary actions or precautions.

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Significance of Keeping an Eye on Future Xbox Insider Release Notes

By staying updated on future Xbox Insider Release Notes, users can prepare for upcoming system updates and be aware of any changes that may affect their gaming experience. These Release Notes serve as a valuable resource for understanding the improvements, fixes, and features included in each update. By proactively familiarizing yourself with the Release Notes, you can ensure a smooth transition between updates and optimize your gaming experience.

Information Provided in Xbox Update Preview Ring

The Xbox Update Preview ring provides early access to upcoming system updates, allowing users to test new features and provide feedback before the general release. The updates in the Preview ring often include improvements and fixes that address known issues and enhance system performance. By participating in the Xbox Update Preview ring, users can contribute to the development process and help shape the future of Xbox consoles.

Xbox Wire

Xbox Wire is a valuable source of information and news related to Xbox consoles and the gaming industry. It serves as a platform for official announcements, updates, and insights from the Xbox team. Xbox Wire covers a wide range of topics, including game releases, console updates, community highlights, and industry events. By following Xbox Wire, users can stay informed about the latest developments in the Xbox ecosystem and be part of the broader Xbox community.

Role of Xbox Wire

Xbox Wire plays a crucial role in providing accurate and timely information to Xbox users. The platform serves as the official channel for sharing news, updates, and announcements directly from the Xbox team. Xbox Wire ensures that users have access to the latest information regarding game releases, console updates, community activities, and industry news. By following Xbox Wire, users can stay informed and engage with the vibrant Xbox community.

Types of Information Provided by Xbox Wire

Xbox Wire covers a wide range of topics to cater to the diverse interests of Xbox users. The platform provides information regarding upcoming game releases, including announcements, trailers, and developer insights. It also shares details about system updates, including new features, improvements, and known issues. Additionally, Xbox Wire highlights community events, showcases player achievements, and provides insights into the broader gaming ecosystem. By following Xbox Wire, users can access a wealth of information and be part of the Xbox community’s conversations.

In conclusion, the system update for Xbox consoles brings various fixes to enhance the overall user experience. Although some known issues still persist, it is important for users to report problems and seek support from the Xbox Insider community. By following the Xbox Insider Program on Twitter, keeping an eye on future release notes, and staying informed through Xbox Wire, users can maximize their participation in the Xbox ecosystem and contribute to its continuous improvement.


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